$270.00 NZD

This product is an updated model of the GEL-FLEXKEE PRO, which was developed by analysing the movements of skaters at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science while incorporating the opinions of professional skaters. This model is characterized by its high level of functionality that allows skaters to demonstrate their performance at a high level. The product inherits the groove structure of the lateral side, which is designed to allow fine movements of the forefoot while skating. The GEL-FLEXKEE PRO 2.0 also provides better flexibility than the previous model, which improves the grip of the board and protects the toes from board hits. The eyelets have a structure that allows two types of lacing, inner and outer, to prevent shoelaces from snapping while skating. The shoe tongue is also designed to be durable, with the top tongue section folded back to prevent the shoelace from snapping. The ankle section has a new PU (polyurethane) print for improved durability when hitting the board. Furthermore, stitching has been added to the rearfoot to improve durability which accommodates the movement of the heelflip. GEL™ Technology has been placed from the centre of the rearfoot towards the inner part to absorb the shock of landing, while making it easier to maintain balance on the board.